Time to get Christmas started…First step: DIY Snowmen Handprint Ornaments for the Grandparents!

Two years ago I decided that I was going to do some type of handprint ornament for all of the grandparents every year as part of their Christmas gift.  The first year we did the Santa Claus handprint ornament out of salt dough with J and last year I did the Mistletoe footprint ornament with both J and C (instead of doing both feet for one child I just did one of each).  After doing some searching for this year’s homemade ornament I finally settled on the Snowman handprint, which I’m sure you’ve seen a million times.  I liked how this one used a regular ornament instead of salt dough…a bit different this year.  And also very easy to incorporate both kids’ handprints on the same one.  Now next year will be tricky since I’ll have three to squeeze on there!

This ornament was super simple.  I picked up a box of 4 clear ornaments for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-bulbI always make one for us too, but my choices were either a box of 4 or 8 so I picked up a lone clear plastic ornament from Walmart for 98 cents.  Since I ended up accidentally breaking one of the Hobby Lobby ones (I didn’t even realize they were made of glass!) I should’ve picked up the larger box since I had to go back to Walmart to get another one!  Figures…

The clear ones were the cheapest so I decided to pick up some blue paint to jazz them up a bit.  I found some Extreme Glitter that I thought would work nicely.  I covered all of the ornaments with the glitter paint and then hung them up off of colored pencils to dry for a day.  You could probably use egg cartons or lots of other things…that was just the first thing I diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-painteddiy-snowman-handprint-ornament-dryingNext was the tricky part:  handprints.  I knew I wanted to do J’s on one side and C’s on the other.  I gathered the white acrylic paint, a paintbrush, the kids, and, most importantly, Hubby.  I did J’s 5 handprints first. diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-handprint-1C got really excited when he saw what was going on and held out his hand and whined the whole time I was doing J’s.  He just couldn’t wait for his turn…so he could do this:  DIY Snowman Handprint Ornament 12Even with Hubby holding him down the little sh*t still managed to eat some paint!  Seriously, this kid.  Getting his handprint was a struggle.  As you can see, they didn’t turn out nearly as nice as J’s.  I’m perfectly fine with it though…I think it helps give it character!  At the very least you can tell that pinning down an 19 month old and getting him to nicely place a handful of apparently scrumptious paint onto a ball is nearly once again hung them up to dry.  Can you tell which ones are C’s??diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-drying-2I painted the bottom all white and connected the snowman with snowy hills.  This would’ve looked a bit better had J and C’s hands actually been parallel to one another on the ornament, haha.  Some of the “hills” were a steep incline instead…diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-bottom diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-snowdriftsI also attempted snowflakes at this time as well.  I dotted one of the ornaments with white paint, but didn’t like the way it course when I tried to erase the snowflakes while the paint was still wet, I dropped it and discovered once it shattered all over the floor that it was made of glass.  So they sat there for almost two weeks before the next step–I wanted to pick up another ornament from Walmart before finishing the rest of them.  And I avoid Walmart like the plague so it took awhile to actually psych myself up to get there.

Once I had my fifth ornament and painted it blue, I decorated the other four.  I used different colored Sharpies to add eyes, a carrot nose, a smile, 3 buttons, a scarf and a top hat to each snowman. diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-snowmen-1 diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-snowmen-2

On the bottom I wrote the year, Merry Christmas and C’s name.  I’ll let J write her own name under her I had J and C do their handprint one last time on the remaining ornament and then painted just J’s pointer finger and had her dot the snowflakes all over.  I think it turned out much better than the paintbrush. More

That’s it!  Finished!  diy-snowman-handprint-ornament-finishedNotice how there’s only 4 ornaments in this photo?  That’s because the last one still doesn’t have any faces yet.  $20 says it’ll stay like that until 2 minutes before I put it in the box to be shipped to a grandparent…