The hair ties. And bows. And headbands. And tiaras. If you have a girl then you feel my pain.

It started off with an insane collection of hair clips.  Now I do have to admit that it’s all my fault.  I absolutely loved putting clips and bows and headbands in J’s hair when she was an infant.  Not only did it make it easy to identify her as a girl (because let’s face it, all infants look the exact same) but she just looked so adorable with stuff in her hair!  That’s definitely one of the things I miss most about C being a boy and not a girl…hair accessories.  And just dressing him in general.  As cute as overalls are, dresses/skirts/tutus with tights and bloomers knock them out of the ballpark.  Whoops, as usual I’m off topic…

So anyway.  J has a ton of hair clips.  Hubby’s cousin’s ex-wife makes hair bows so I ended up with even more than I should have because I was constantly buying them from her.  And as she got older I collected more and more of them.  Not only are there hair clips and hair bows but then headbands and necklaces and bracelets added to the insaneness.  I needed a way to organize them.  Off to my BFF Pinterest.  Although I found a lot of different ideas, this one was hands-down my favorite.  I love how versatile it is.  I could get little glass jars to keep the pony tails in, clip the bows right onto the chicken wire and loop the headbands on there as well.  I also wanted Hubby to add hooks all around the frame to contain the necklace and bracelet problem.  Plus it looked super cheap to build.  Sold!

Hubby built this for me 2 years ago so I have zero pictures of it, zero ideas on how it was made and zero clues on how much it all cost.  Sorry!  Luckily Artsy Fartsy Mama has a super clear tutorial so just read her blog and do what she said 😉 .  I do know that I purchased these glass jars from Amazon at least.  And I do remember that approximately 2 weeks after I purchased them I saw almost the exact same jars at a thrift store for $1 for 8 of them.  Dammit!!

I painted the frame blue and added the words “Be Awesome Today!” along the top in yellow (to match with the rainbow theme in J’s room).  I also painted the chicken wire ROYGBIV going down, but that’s almost impossible to tell.  Still looks cool when you’re close enough to notice it though!  I had some leftover wooden letters from when I decorated the nursery eons ago so I painted them purple, outlined them in yellow and glued them on.  Hubby bought drawer knobs from Lowes and attached them on so I could hang necklaces and bracelets and any other random girlie paraphernalia.  As you can see, this didn’t work out so well.  When he was attaching the top right one it didn’t work so well and now there’s a gaping hole.  And there aren’t enough of them (J has a serious accessory obsession).  I tried putting cheap 3M hooks on there but they don’t stick to the paint very well and end up falling off every few weeks (hence that random white rectangle on the top).  So if we did this all over again I would have him put regular hooks on there and a lot more of them.


At first I was thinking about figuring out a way to attach a mirror to it somehow, but then I read an article about how you shouldn’t put mirrors in girls rooms because it hurts their self-esteem.  So I went with the “Be Awesome” thing instead.  It has nothing to do with looks or being pretty or anything like that so her self-esteem should remain intact!  Just a short and sweet sentiment to start off the day!

I think my favorite thing about it is how after it was built and all of her clips and headbands and everything were on display for her to see, she went through a phase for about 6 months where she had to wear it all.  At once.  All together.  She looked like this:

J pretty hair J pretty hair 3 J pretty hair 2

Overall I do like it.  But now that tiaras have also entered our life and we have about a dozen of them I need to figure out a better way to attach them on there.  It just never ends.  Sigh.


Did someone say “Princess”?

When I was pregnant with J I went with a simple gneder-neutral theme for the nursery:  ducks and frogs.  When we moved from Kansas to Ottawa J was almost 3.  We knew we were going to have another baby at some point while we were there, so she got a brand-new theme for her room.  Since she still really wasn’t “into” anything at that point I chose for her:  rainbows.  I adore rainbows.  The colors are so vibrant and they’re just so pretty!  I actually did a rainbow theme for her 3rd birthday party as well.

The landlord was nice enough to leave the walls in the house painted actual colors (it’s amazing how much different a house looks when all of the walls aren’t stark white.  If we ever rent out a house all of the walls will be painted a nice beige color).  J’s room was purple, which fit in nicely with a rainbow theme.  Plus I figured I could do a lot of the furniture in gender-neutral colors so it could transform easily into the next (and next) child’s room.

Since the rooms were all wood-laminate in our last house I knew we would need an area rug.  I bought a white rug from Big Lots and painted a rainbow on it.  I actually painted two rugs for our Ottawa home.  Once I get around to writing a post about it I’ll add the link in here in case you’re interested in doing one yourself!  It was actually pretty easy and I love the way they both turned out!  Here’s the link for more information!


We bought this bed and these matching dressers from IKEA when she was ready to graduate into a “big girl bed”.  Since it was just a light pine I painted everything varying shades of blue.

ombre-dresser-2Ignore the strip of white along the bottom of this dresser.  Apparently I forgot to put a second coat on just that part and it looks absolutely horrible.  Every time I see that dresser my eyes go straight to it and it drives me insane.  Apparently not crazy enough to reopen the can of paint and slap another quick coat on though 😉 .



I purchased my a-mazing Silhouette Cameo around the same time I was decorating her room and couldn’t wait to use it.  One of the first projects I did with it was to make canvases with quotes on them.  The first one has my favorite Dr. Seuss quote on it.  It’s hanging above her bookshelf.


I simply painted the canvas with several coats of dark blue acrylic paint, cut the letters out of white vinyl with my Silhouette and stuck them on.  As you can see I didn’t estimate the size very well and had a difficult time fitting “you’ll GO” on there, which I didn’t realize until everything else was already stuck.  There was no way I was redoing all of that so it’s fine the way it is!

The second one I made is my favorite.  It hangs above her bed.


I painted the canvas ROYGBIV in stripes from top to bottom.  Then I used my Silhouette to cut out the quote.  This time I peeled the letters off, threw them away and placed the entire white vinyl over my canvas.

To complete the rainbow theme I decided to do one of those melted crayon canvases you see everywhere.


This one was SO much fun to make!  J and I did it together.  I bought a couple of boxes of the cheapest crayons I could find (Craz-E-Art from Big Lots).  I took out all of the rainbow-colored crayons, shaped them into a heart and hot glued them in place.  Then I took my hair dryer, put it on the hottest setting and pointed it at the crayons.  They started to melt after just a minute and I waved the hair dryer all around until I got an effect that I liked.  Hot wax will splatter all over the place and then dry, FYI.  I learned this the hard way after I spent an hour scrubbing melted crayon off of the floors and walls.  Definitely put a towel down.

When we moved from Ottawa to Virginia I kept the same theme in J’s room.  Well, sort of.  Our bedrooms are carpeted here so there’s no need for an area rug.  That’s now downstairs in the playroom.  I really like the 3 canvases so I hung them up again.  But now an obsession has entered our lives:  Disney Princesses.  Hooray.  Wanting to acknowledge that, I added a few more things to J’s room.  I found this awesome Disney Princess Wall Art from the CraftyMama on Pinterest.  She has the files uploaded onto her blog that you can use for FREE, all you need is a Silhouette!  Which I have, thankfully.  A trip to the Dollar Tree for 5 frames and 5 minutes on my computer later, princess decor.  Awesome.

diy-princess-decor diy-princess-decor

The last thing we moved over to J’s room was a Cinderella puzzle.  When I was pregnant with her I put together three 1000 piece Disney puzzles:  Cinderella’s castle, Winnie the Pooh and 101 Dalmations.  I modge podged them together, bought 3 gigantic frames at 50% off from Hobby Lobby and voila, easy nursery decor!  Unfortunately only 1 has made it through 3 moves unscathed.  The glass shattered in the Cinderella frame and we have yet to replace it.  One of these days!


I also have J’s initials hanging on the wall.  I bought the wood letters from Hobby Lobby when I was pregnant with her and added a bit of acrylic paint to embellish them.  J-Initals

She also has her magnet board (which she never uses and really I need to move into C’s room instead),


her hair bow organizer, which has been taken over by tiaras,

diy-hair-and-accessory-organizerher dress-up closet, which never looks this organized and nice,


and her animal jail!

So that’s it!  J’s rainbow/princess/not-really-anything room!  She’ll get a new theme in about a year and if I had to bet money I’d say there will be a lot more princess stuff everywhere…

Js-room Js-room-2