Beep Beep! Family on the Bus!

This is a project I made almost 3 years ago for J that I just happened to rediscover when packing the car bag for our recent 5 hour drive home.  J absolutely loved this project and since rediscovering it has started playing with it again.  I need to update the photos a bit, but she didn’t seem to mind.  Although she wouldn’t believe me that there was a picture of her in the bag–she kept insisting that it was C!

I’d highly recommend making this if you have kids between the ages of 2 and 5.  It is ridiculously easy and not at all time consuming.  And your kids will get hours of use from it!

So I started with the bus.  I printed off a picture of a bus I found online, glued it onto a leftover box from Amazon and cut it out.  Then I hot glued strips of velcro in each window and one on the bottom for the driver. I think I used the soft side, although I don’t know why it would

Next I went through my giant collection of photographs and picked out one picture of each family member and close friend.  I cut the faces out and then laminated them (I own this laminator and absolutely adore it).  I hot glued small squares of the opposite side of the velcro onto the back of each photograph.  That’s it!  diy-busy-bag-photo-school-bus-1

Like I said, I made this almost 3 years ago and it was played with–a lot.  And as you can see it’s still in relatively good shape!  There are quite a few family members who are missing so before C gets old enough to use it I’ll need to do a little updating.  Love it!!diy-busy-bag-photo-school-bus-3