The Bibbidity Bobbidity Boutique. Dumbest name ever.

For J’s 5th birthday I took her on a surprise mother-daughter trip to Orlando, Fl–the dream destination for a princess lover like her.  You can read about our adventures getting there and at the Magic Kingdom here.

J loves the Disney princesses, having her hair done, getting makeup on and doing her nails.  So what better birthday present for her than a spot at the Bibbidity Bobbidity Boutique in Orlando!  Basically it’s a princess salon.  A “fairy godmother in training” does your hair, makeup and nails like a princess.  And if you feel like spending $200, your child can also pick out a Disney Princess outfit.  I decided to take the cheap way out and get her the Elsa dress she’s been talking about for months, bring it with me and give it to her the morning of her appointment instead.  Considering the fact that I spent $30 on the Elsa dress, shoes, wand, tiara, “hair” and gloves total, I’m happy with my decision.  And she was super excited to open her present that morning and wear her outfit so she couldn’t have cared less that she didn’t get one there.Js 5th Birthday Trip 6But I’m skipping way ahead of myself.  First things first:  score an appointment.  In the high season it’s damn near impossible to get in.  You can book 60 days out and spots for that day are gone within minutes.  I lucked out since I was going at a good time of year and was able to secure her an appointment at the Downtown Disney location for Monday morning (her actual birthday!  Bonus!) 35 days out.  Whew.

And then with all of our flight mishaps (long story short:  we arrived in Orlando 23 hours later than we should have) we didn’t have time for everything that I had planned for that weekend.  Something had to go.  Obviously we were doing Magic Kingdom, so that left either Sea World or the Boutique.  Although I was 95% sure what J was going to pick, I still wanted to leave the decision up to her.  As much as I hated to ruin the surprise, I told her the two choices.  To her credit, she did think about it for a few minutes before deciding wholeheartedly on the salon.

The morning of she opened up her Elsa dress and immediately put everything on.  A few hours later we headed to Downtown Disney for the appointment.  As we wandered around the Disney store the Boutique was located in waiting for it to be “Princess Jordan’s” turn, I was even more grateful I had pre-purchased the Elsa dress.  They were asking SEVENTY DOLLARS!!!!!!!  And theirs weren’t even as nice as the one I bought her (and by that I mean it was only knee length.  J will only wear “dresses that cover my feet”).  I mean I know Disney ups the prices of everything but you’ve got to be joking!

It was finally her turn!  And this is where we were both disappointed.  She only had 3 choices of hair styles:  a high bun that was very slicked back, a bun with a “colorful hairpiece” or a ponytail with “colorful hair”.  I had seen the girls walking around MK with the high bun yesterday and I’m not going to lie, that hairstyle didn’t look good on a single one of them.  It just looks uncomfortable!  And too beauty queen/pageant princess for me.  I like individuality.  J wasn’t too happy either.  I was under the impression that they would be able to pick a princess and have their hair styled similarly to her.  I mean I guess it makes sense, but for $60 you’d think the “fairy godmothers in training” would have a bit more hair styling expertise.

She went with the traditional princess bun…thank God.  I hated that style, but I don’t think I could’ve handled the other two.  I could tell how disappointed she was and how much she didn’t like it though.  But her fairy godmother was great, doing all kinds of things to make her laugh and asking her all kinds of questions.  So that helped to save the experience.  And she got to keep the makeup and nail polish, which she was happy about!Js 5th Birthday Trip 7Js 5th Birthday Trip 11Js 5th Birthday Trip 8Js 5th Birthday Trip 10Don’t let the smile and appearance of being happy fool you.  She was miserable for the rest of the day.  Well, I shouldn’t say miserable…disappointed is a better word.  She told me that she doesn’t want to do anything like that again, unless she gets to choose the hairstyle.  And that she wished she had chosen Sea World instead.  I felt so bad..mainly because I know J.  If I would’ve realized that she had practically no say in the matter I wouldn’t have booked it to begin with.  She is very particular about everything; especially her hair.  Had I known, I would’ve called around to kid-friendly salons and found a stylist who could do whatever she wanted and then just add glitter and makeup to it.  Probably would’ve been cheaper and she would’ve enjoyed it.  Oh, well…as they say, hindsight is 20/20.  At least we know for next time!

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