DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

My little sister got married three weeks ago (aaah, I can’t believe it’s been that long already!!).  Since I was the matron of honor I was automatically put in charge of planning the Bridal Shower.  Fortunately B had seven bridesmaids in her wedding so the planning/work/decorating/cost was much better than I could’ve hoped for!  I went into details about the beach-themed shower itself in my last post, here.  This is where I’ll give instructions on the Chalkboard Wine Glasses we handed out to the guests as favors.

Since there was obviously going to be alcohol at the bridal shower (it really is the only thing that makes them bearable isn’t it??), I figured that we’d kill two birds with one stone and have the favors be wine glasses.  And we could jazz them up/make them even more convenient by dipping the stems into chalkboard paint so there wouldn’t be any confusion as to whose was whose at the shower.  I’m brilliant, I know.

First step was securing the wine glasses.  Although the Dollar Tree sells nice large ones for $1, the guest list was in the 30s and I didn’t want to shell out that much money for favors.  We were headed to the DC IKEA to check out some furniture anyway and I saw these online, 6/$4.  Once I got there and looked at them I decided they were way too small, and purchased the SVALKAs instead; 36 glasses for 79 cents each.  Not quite as cheap as I was hoping to go, but still already had chalkboard paint at home from J’s Art Activity Center.  I purchased it off of Amazon about 2 years ago and still had 3/4 of a can left.  diy-chalkboard-wine-glasses-3Last but not least:  some clear cut instructions.  I headed to my go-to, Pinterest.  This tutorial from Scissors and Spatulas had all of the information that I could possibly need.  Armed with some Scotch tape, 36 wine glasses, chalkboard paint, some leftover cardboard, parchment paper, a “paint stick” (which was just an actual stick I found laying in the yard) and an old towel I was ready to rock and roll.

I started by wrapping Scotch tape around the bottom of the cup, where it and the stem meet.  diy-chalkboard-wine-glasses-8I taped the first 6 glasses there, and then decided that was using up entirely too much paint.  The next box of 6 I taped at the bottom, where the stem and flat part (??) meet.  After dipping that box of 6, I decided tape was completely unnecessary.  It was easy to just dip it in and leave it as is.

Instead of pouring the paint into a disposable container and dipping the glass in, I just dipped it straight into the paint held the glass over the paint can for several minutes, waiting for the paint to drip off.  I also used my finger to wipe a bunch of paint off of the underside of the flat part since a bunch of paint gathered in the crevice.  Not only was that a waste of paint, but you don’t look at the bottom of the glass anyway.  That helped the drying process quite a bit.

I was having a lot of problems with bubbles.  Like a lot.  After I pulled the glass out of the paint I looked at it immediately.  If there were a bunch of air bubbles on it, like below, then I would grab the towel and wipe off as much paint as you can tell by the state of my towel, I had to wipe off quite a few glasses before I finally got the bubble situation under

I stirred the paint vigorously with a stick for 25 seconds (it took a lot of trial and error to find the exact number of seconds to stir) and then dip the glass in the paint immediately.  That seemed to do the trick.

After enough paint dripped off I placed the glass right side up on sheets of parchment paper.  diy-chalkboard-wine-glasses-5I let them dry for about 30 minutes and then moved them to a different part of the paper so they wouldn’t stick to it.  I shifted them to different spots 3 times before they were dry enough to flip upside down to dry the rest of the way without how some of them are super messy around the bottom?  This is the reason I started wiping the excess paint off of the bottom.  Otherwise there was way too much and it pooled while drying.  That and I probably left a couple in the same spot for a bit too long, haha.  After they were completely dry I just took some sandpaper and smoothed around the edges.

I ended up doing the wine glasses in 6 batches of 6, which ended up being a brilliant idea.  I learned so much from each batch and was able to make the changes so by the time I got around to the last box I had it down to a science.  These are the things I learned:

  • no need to dip up the whole way up the stem.  It’s a waste of paint and I think the ones with just the bottom done actually look nicer.
  • no need to use tape, especially if only dipping the flat part.  Eyeballing it worked perfectly fine.  And peeling off that tape was a pain in the ass.
  • Bubbles!!!  Swirl swirl swirl, then dip immediately.  And if they do appear, it’s simple to just wipe the paint off with a towel really quickly and redo the glass immediately
  • wipe off the excess paint from the underside of the bottom.  Since the glass kind of tapers up in the middle where the stem is, the paint tends to pool there.  And not only does it take longer to dry, but it drips everywhere.  And if you wipe it off with your finger the paint spreads out thick enough and you can’t even tell it was wiped off.

That was it!  We picked up some paper umbrellas from Five Below to go with the beach theme, threw a baggie of chalk down and the favors were finished!   And they turned out nice enough that people assumed I bought them like that and were astonished when I said I made them.  There’s no bigger compliment!diy-chalkboard-wine-glasses-1



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