The Cast of Frozen…in Felt.

I’ve taken quite a long hiatus from crafts/projects due to my first trimester being completely debilitating.  Since I’m fnally starting to feel better I figured I should probably start getting as much stuff done before the baby comes as possible.  So I decided to tackle another project that I knew J was going to love:  more felt people.  She still uses the original ones I made on a daily basis.  A few of the Cinderella characters have gotten lost, but we still have all 13 Disney Princesses, to my complete shock.  Just goes to show how much she loves those things!

As usual, making the characters on my Silhouette was the most tedious part.  After I had all of the patterns cut, it only took 2 nap times to glue everyone together.  I really like the way most of these ones turned out.  All except Sven, hahaha.  He’s…special…

You can find more detailed instructions on how to make them in my original post, but here’s a quick rundown.  I search for each character on Google Images and then recreate it as best I can in my Silhouette program.  Here’s a screenshot of my finished cast.  frozen-felt-silhouette-screenshotThen I take each outfit apart and use the print and cut feature, which allows me to print the template onto my printer and then feed it into the Silhouette to cut all of the pieces out for me.  Then I peel off each piece and hand cut each outfit piece out of the corresponding color of felt.  Then I hot glue the outfits and hair onto my naked felt people, and voila, finished!  Sounds much easier than it actually is, haha.  Well, not that it’s difficult per se…just very time consuming.  Although I was surprised by the short amount of time it took for me to put the entire cast together.  Less than a week of nap times!  I was able to get them finished before our 5 hour drive home for my sister’s wedding, which was a blessing in disguise.  Although about half of them are now missing.  Sigh.  One of these days I’ll learn to not take things into the black-hole that my family home is.

So here they are!


Anna and Elsa. I already had these two from when I made all of the Princesses. Anna’s hair is the wrong color, haha, but I’m going to wait until she gets lost (which is inevitable) before I make a new one.


Olaf, Oaken & Hans


The sleigh, Sven and Kristoff. I told you Sven was interesting looking…


Grand Duke and the two guardsmen


Ice Castle (which I did not use a template for.  I just eyeballed it) & Marshmallow


4 of the trolls. J asked for “just as many as are in the movie” but I nipped that in the bud REAL fast.


Anna & Elsa in their coronation gowns


The cast of Frozen!

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