Got the keys?

While we lived in Canada I was on a major organizing kick.  We had a giant house (5 bedrooms and a fully finished basement) which was about 3 times too big for our 3 person family.  It screamed for organization.

One of the easiest things to incorporate was a key holder.  I searched on Pinterest for awhile (where else??) and found this one that I really liked.  Clicking on the link revealed it to be in an etsy shop, on sale for a mere $33.  Thanks, but no thanks.  We made ours for about $ most kids, J has a bag of wooden blocks.  I dug through them until I found K E Y and S in a pattern.  Funny story:  3 year old J threw a fit when she saw this mounted on the wall!  She was not pleased that I had stolen some of her blocks.  Whoops!

Hubby took a scrap piece of wood from one of our many other projects and cut it approximately 10×4.  He painted it white with some leftover primer then picked up a set of 4 hooks for $2 at Lowes and twisted them in.  I hot glued the wooden blocks on, and BAM!  Finished!

Only problem?  I never remember to hang my keys on it!  According to Hubby, he hung it up on the wall directly across from the front door at eye level so I would see it when I walked in.  diy-key-holder-2However, at 5’2″, his estimate of my eye line was a bit’s about 2 inches too high to be in my line of vision.  So although the 75 sets of keys Hubby owns can always be found at a moment’s notice, I’m usually wondering around the house for 15 minutes looking for mine.  Because why wouldn’t they be on the sink in the upstairs bathroom??  Makes perfect sense.

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