What Time is it Mr. Fox?

I saw this awesome idea a few years back and immediately fell in love.  I pinned it for future use in my house.picture-frame-clockOnce we moved into our house in Ottawa I incorporated it into our decor.  And by that I mean I bought the picture frames, found coordinating pictures, bought the clock hands…and then handed it all to Hubby with a copy of the inspiration and said, “I want this.  Thanks!”

Needless to say, he was not pleased.  Just in case you’re forgotten, Hubby despises putting holes in the wall.  And the first go-round with this picture clock was a disaster.  It took him try after try after try to get the frames in place.  So he put in about 100 more holes than necessary.  But I didn’t let all of his griping bother me…I absolutely love it.  I insisted that we do it again when we moved to Virginia and will continue to force him to put it up for all of eternity.

I purchased the frames from Ikea.  I bought 4 2-packs of white and 2 2-packs of black.  They’re super cheap frames (only a plastic insert in the front, not glass, and a cardboard backing) but have held up very well.  I picked up a set of clock hands from Michaels, but once they were on the wall they were really small and looked absolutely ridiculous.  So the clock went without hands for a few weeks while this set I ordered from Amazon finally arrived (and then sat on the dining room table for awhile before Hubby finally got around to hanging it up).

The most difficult part (for me, not Hubby, haha) was figuring out the “theme” I wanted to go with.  I finally settled on things in our lives that related to that number.  So:

1 child

2 dogs

3 people in our family

4 Army units Hubby has been in

5 places we’ve lived

6 years of marriage

7 years it took me to get my diploma

8 vehicles owned between the two of us (total, not at once, haha!)

9 cumulative years we worked at Giant (the grocery store where we met)

10 years we’ve been together

11 years old was how long our first dog was when he passed away

12 years Hubby has been in the Army

Now do you see why it took me weeks to come up with this list?!  I’m sure you can tell the ones that were the most difficult (8/9/11).  Once I finally had the list finished I picked out photos to represent each number, put them in the frames and gave it all to Hubby.

So here’s what it looked like in our Canada though we were there for 2 years I left all of the pictures the same.  There was no way I was going to rearrange stuff and think of new numbers!

When we moved to Virginia and had to start it from scratch anyway, we I decided to go a different way:  pictures of the kids at months 1-12.  C has the odd numbers and J has the evens (although that’s only for the first 6 months since I still haven’t gotten around to updating it since C turned 1.  Whoops.).diy-photo-clock-2Hubby also decided to move it in closer.  He didn’t want to spend hours getting it to look right like he did last time, so he pushed it all in and was able to throw the entire thing up in 5 minutes.  diy-photo-clock-3The last change I made this time around was to add vinyl numbers onto each frame.  I just used my super handy Silhouette to cut the numbers out for me and then stuck them right onto the plastic.

I’m not a decor person and I think it really gives our home a special something.  We get compliments on it all of the time!  I’m sure Hubby would disagree, but I absolutely love it.

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