All 13 Disney Princesses. In Felt.

We were about to embark on a ridiculously long car ride.  C was days away from turning one and since we’re currently only 5 1/2 hours from home (and this will probably be the closest we’d be for awhile) I figured I would do his 1st birthday party at home so the family could all attend (read about his awesome dog themed birthday party here!).  And then after searching for months we finally found a rescue that was willing to give us a new dog after our Saint, Jack, passed away.  The downside?  He was located in upstate New York and they wouldn’t transport him.  So we decided to combine the two trips.  5 1/2 hours to my hometown on Thursday, 5 hours to Troy, NY Sunday morning and 8 hours on Monday back down to our home.  That’s a lot of car time for a 1 and 4 year old.  Especially when I’m ridiculously anal about screen time and won’t allow my daughter to watch more than one DVD or play 30 min on her Leappad per 2+ hour car ride.

I had just finished my Cinderella felt people and I wanted to get one more set done before we left so she would have that to help keep her occupied in the car (which worked like a charm, FYI.  Totally worth the days and days and days and days and days and days and days and days and days…where was I?  Oh…days and days and days of nap time).  I gave her a choice:  either all of the just the princesses or the cast of Snow White.  She went for just princesses.

You can see my “Another Monster Project” blog entry for specific details on how I made them.  Basically I made a template for each princess, used the Print and Cut feature on my Silhouette to cut out the outfit pattern pieces, hand cut the pieces from felt and hot glued the teeny tiny clothing onto felt bodies.  No biggie 😉

For most of my princesses I used Continually Creative‘s templates that she has posted on her blog for a princess duvet she made for her daughter.  They were extremely helpful.

Cinderella was already made.  Only 12 left!felt-disney-princesses-cinderellaAurorafelt-disney-princesses-auroraSnow Whitefelt-disney-princesses-snow-whiteBellefelt-disney-princesses-belleRapunzelfelt-disney-princesses-rapunzelMeridafelt-disney-princesses-meridaTianafelt-disney-princesses-tianaJasminefelt-disney-princesses-jasmineMulan (although I didn’t actually end up using her Mulan pattern since that dress was a lot different from the one I wanted.  I just made Mulan up on the fly by looking at pictures of her).felt-disney-princesses-mulanand Ariel.felt-disney-princesses-arielContinually Creative didn’t have a pattern for Pocahontas.  Her dress is super simple though, so I was able to just throw it together on my own by eyeballing a picture of her.  Her hair used to be longer but somehow one of the sides ripped/fell off so I had to give her a trim.  Oh well.felt-disney-princesses-pocahontasContinually Creative also didn’t have a pattern for Anna or Elsa (she made her duvet in 2013 before FROZEN–I always feel the title needs to be shouted).  Fortunately I found a Portuguese blogger who makes Anna and Elsa dolls.  I used her templates for their hair and clothing.felt-disney-princesses-elsafelt-disney-princesses-annaHere are some screenshots of the templates I made on my Silhouette Studio program in case those are helpful.silhouette-studio-screenshot-felt-princesses-2 silhouette-studio-screenshot-felt-princesses-1

Last but not least, I figured a castle would be helpful.  After all, they need somewhere to live!  I found a simple template on Google Images, saved it to my computer, opened it up in the Studio program, sized it, used the print and cut feature to cut out the pattern for me, hand cut it out of felt and hot glued it all together!  Hands down the easiest part of this entire process.felt-princess-castle

And that’s it!  Once I made the templates (which is definitely the most time-consuming part; that in and of itself was about a weeks worth of nap times), the gals only took 3 or 4 nap times to make, with a few last-minute mornings added in to ensure I was finished before we left.  The castle was just 2 nap times!

And all of that hard work definitely paid off–not only did she play with it during all 3 car rides, she also played with it at my father’s house and at the hotel.  And she’s had it for over a month now and plays with it nearly every day during quiet time!  In fact, that’s what she’s in there doing right now 😀

Now I need to get cracking on the other 12 stories…


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