Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Our stuffed animal situation was out of control.  A few years back J was obsessed with stuffed animals, as most 2-3 year old girls are.  My ballpark is in the 100s (damn grandparents, always giving stuffed animals).  And it seemed like she needed to sleep with about half of them.  She went through a phase where we couldn’t even see her in her bed there was so much crap in there with her.stuffed-animals-8stuffed-animals-6They went everywhere with us.stuffed-animals-5Especially an-almost-J-sized-Elmo that I picked up at a yard sale for $2.  He’s a cross-dresser.
first-day-of-preschoolDuck was her other favorite.  He was with her from the time she was born until she stopped being obsessed.stuffed-animals-7stuffed-animals-4stuffed-animals-6They were her best friends.  She did everything with them.  We never went anywhere without at least one animal.  She was never lonely.stuffed-animals-1stuffed-animals-2stuffed-animals-3They have since been replaced by Princess Barbies.  I miss the stuffed animals.  They were fun and cute!  I can’t remember the last time 4 1/2 year old J has played with one.  Makes me sad 🙁

But I digress.  While she was in the height of her obsession they were everywhere.  Hubby and I agreed that we needed a solution…and fast.

Thus the Animal Jail.  Typically referred to as a more humane-sounding Animal Zooanimal-zooI instructed Hubby to build me one.  We move relatively often so we needed it light as possible, so he cut down how tall it is.  It’s about 3 1/2 feet, so tall enough to hold everything (barely!!) but short enough that J can actually throw stuff into it when she’s (supposedly) cleaning her room.

He’s the one who did the majority of the work so I don’t know exactly what he did.  As usual.  I just know he built the frame from wood pieces, drilled it together and then added the “bars”.  Instead of wooden dowel rods he used rope to contain the wild beasts.  He just used his staple gun to attach it.  Which I probably should have painted before he stapled the rope. Oh well.  diy-animal-jail-7Either way we would not be using rope again because it isn’t holding up well at all.  This side fell off and had to be reattached (months later since that’s how long it takes him to do a simple repair job).diy-animal-jail-6

And the bottom of this one pulled out as well.  That was approximately a year ago and it still looks like thisdiy-animal-jail-5

But as long as I shove the giant animals on that side they mostly stay in.

I would’ve preferred if he had used bungee cords instead like some other blogs I ran across while researching it, and suggested to him, several times, but he has to do things “his” way.  Which I would like to point out is never as good as other people’s way.  Sssh, don’t tell him I said that.  He’ll never build anything else for me ever again!

After he finished building it I painted it black.  We already had a bunch of black paint on hand and I figured I could make a sign to hang on the top that said “Animal Jail”.  We made this about 2 years ago and I still haven’t gotten around to that sign.  Whoops…

But it has done it’s job and done it well!  The stuffed animals are now safely locked away after receiving too many citations for disorderly conduct.  Ha. Ha. Ha.DIY-Animal-Jail

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