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Brilliance at work!

I knew that I was going to have a Fork Lift page to go with the dump truck.  Imagine Our Life has a kick-ass version of this as well, so I used her templates again.  If you haven’t checked out her website yet you really have to!  Her quiet book pages are insane!!!  Most of them look complex and impossible, but they’re actually pretty easy.  Although that’s only because she does the hard part of figuring out how on earth to make it work and then explains it in a clear, easy manner to the rest of us!  Of course my finished products never look nearly as nice as hers do, haha.

So while doing my Dump Truck page I had the best idea ever.  Now I’m not one to brag about ideas (mainly because I never have any good ones, hahaha), but I was pretty proud of myself for this one.  So the fork lift Imagine Our Life made doesn’t have a driver in it.  At first I figured that I would stick a silhouette in there like the dump truck.  And then THE IDEA was born.  Nolan’s dad, Eric, is an Assistant Manager at Lowes.  I could make a mini-Eric!  I found a close up of Eric’s face (I love the Faces feature in iPhoto.  It makes it so much faster to find the perfect photo of the person you need!).  Then I spent entirely too long looking for a picture of a random person in a Lowes uniform.  I wanted to make it so Eric was sitting in the seat, but it was impossible to find a photo of a Lowes employee in that position.  So finally I repeated my mantra to myself (“This quiet book is for a 1 year old…this quiet book is for a 1 year old…”) and made do with cutting it off from the chest up.  I glued Eric’s head on the body, and voila!  In the picture I chose Eric is wearing a white baseball cap, which ended up looking somewhat like he’s wearing a hardhat.  Lucky stroke of genius.

Once I had my picture finished I gathered my materials and cut out the pieces.  Once again I saved Imagine Our Life’s templates to my computer, opened them in my Silhouette program, scaled them to the size I wanted, printed them off, pinned them onto the felt and hand cut everything out.

I started with the driver.  I did that part the same way as the dump truck–placed the blue background on the forklift, put the drivers seat and steering wheel on top, positioned Eric in the least awkward way I could, then laid the vinyl over top.  I sewed all of that down, once again switching out the blue thread for black.  Then I switched it out again for yellow and sewed the body of the forklift down.


I read and reread Imagine Our Life’s instructions on how to make the platform go up and down about 16 times and never understood exactly what to do.  So I made it up.  I cut a rectangle out of vinyl that was about the same height and width as the forklift.  I sewed the vinyl onto the forklifter piece (the yellow L).  I knew I was going to use velcro instead of snaps for the boxes, so I sewed 3 pieces of yellow velcro onto the vinyl.  Then I cut off two pieces of yellow ribbon; one for the top of the vinyl and one for the bottom.  I sewed them on so they made a loop for Nolan’s fingers to pull.  Next, I took the long black rectangle and placed it against the inner edge of the forklift.  I cut out another vinyl rectangle, this one the same height as the other, but the width only went from the inner edge of the forklift to a bit past the outer edge of the black rectangle.  If you look really closely at the image below you can see the second piece of vinyl to get a better idea what I’m trying to say.  With the black rectangle wedged between the two pieces of vinyl, I used some clear thread that I had on hand from a project a long time ago to sew a line down right next to the black strip.  I switched back to yellow and sewed along the very edge of the yellow side, forming a tunnel to keep the lifter from moving around all over the place.  You can see both lines if you look really closer at these pictures of the fork lift:



Then I sewed the top and then the bottom of the black rectangle down onto my page, leaving the middle alone.  I tested it out and it could go up and down, no problem at all!  Whew!  It required a lot more thought on my part than it probably should have, but I’m just happy that I was able to think it through without having to redo it a billion times.  That’s my usual MO.

I sewed 3 strips of velcro on the bottom for the packages to go when they’re not on the fork lift.  I didn’t do anything fancy when I cut out the packages–just a square, a rectangle and a triangle out of light brown felt.  I added the velcro to the back of the “boxes”.


Last but not least, the wheels!  Since I made it so the tires can come on and off of the dump truck, I opted to make these ones spin.  I didn’t want to mess around with buttons like Imagine Our Life, so I just used the same tactic here that I did to make the dumpster dump on the dump truck:  brads.  I found two huge grey ones and poked them through the felt and muslin.  Easy peasy!

After I had all of that done I was looking at the page and it was so plain!  Another brilliant idea–make it Lowes!  I typed “Lowes” into Google images so I could see exactly what the outside looked like, then free cut the pieces out.  I sewed the light brown felt down, sewed the red felt on top of that, and then the blue felt on top of the red.  I used some white puffy paint to write “LOWES”.  The page looked much better after I added the background.  Although I really wish that I had cut & sewed the pieces on a little straighter…you can see it’s a bit wonky.  But that’s okay, I don’t let that overshadow my brilliance 😉



This idea actually turned out to be even more perfect than I had realized.  After Amanda opened up the quiet book and saw this page she started laughing.  I guess there’s a funny story about Eric at work when he was driving a forklift one day that I hadn’t heard.  So this really did turn out to be the perfect page!  It’s probably my favorite out of all of the pages I’ve made so far.

Hear that sound?  It’s me tooting my own horn!

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