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Beep, Beep, Beep…Dump Truck Coming Through!

So obviously you can’t have a quiet book for boys without having some construction vehicles.  The Dump Truck page from Imagine Our Life is everywhere and super cute so I went with that one.  And it was surprisingly easy to make as well!  She has very clear instructions on her page for those who need specific directions.  Since I’ve done quite a few pages now I just used her page as a guideline.

First I collected my materials.  I found some fabric in my stash that would work perfectly for the ground–it’s a textured dark orange that feels really smooth.  I actually bought it to make a dog bed out of, but still haven’t gotten around to that yet.  No surprise there.  I used yellow felt for the truck, light blue felt for the window background and black felt for the driver, tires and bumper.  And a piece of vinyl to put over the window.  Then I got to work cutting it all out.  I took the template from Imagine Our Life and pasted it into my Silhouette program so I could adjust it to the size I needed.  Then I printed off the page, cut out the shapes, pinned them to the felt and hand cut them with scissors.  The shapes aren’t complicated and I didn’t want to waste the interfacing in order to use the Silhouette.  Plus it wastes a lot more felt with the machine.

I arranged my truck pieces on the background muslin page, then cut out a piece from the orange fabric as the ground.  I thought it would look neat if the truck was driving “downhill” so I laid the fabric diagonal.  I folded the raw edge underneath, ironed it down and then sewed the “hill” along the edges.  Since I already had the orange thread in my machine I also cut out two pieces of the same material to use as the “dirt”, sewed them together, turned them right side out, and stuffed it with some polyfil.  I also threw in a few jingle bells that I had laying around as well.  Why not?  I cut off a piece of yellow ribbon (probably about 8 inches), poked it into the open hole, folded the raw edges inside the “dirt” and sewed it all closed.  Voila.

Now the truck.  I started with the window.  I placed the blue felt on the truck cab, the driver onto the blue felt and then laid the vinyl overtop of it all.  I sewed all the way around the vinyl, stopping to switch my thread from blue to black.  I never bothered to sew the driver on his own. I figured the vinyl would keep him place just fine.

Next I arranged all of my pieces onto the page.

Time to sew!  I tried to do it in an order that would mean switching out my thread as few times as possible.  It only takes a minute to change it, but does everyone else find it to be a huge hassle too?!  There were times on my other quiet book pages where I didn’t bother to switch and I really regretted it later.  Especially with how fast it is!  Sorry, another digression.

I started with the bumper since I already had the black in.

Now, Imagine Our Life had used a snap to keep the dumpster from swinging around on the page, but I despise hand sewing so I decided to use velcro instead.  And I figured that since Nolan is only 1 he isn’t going to be able to work a snap for quite awhile anyway; velcro would be so much easier for him.  They’ll be plenty of pages in the future that I can use snaps on instead.  I cut a piece of yellow velcro and sewed half onto the muslin and half onto one of the dumpster pieces.  Then I sewed the two dumpster pieces together, leaving the top open for the “dirt”.  I also stitched the other end of the yellow ribbon onto the back of the dumpster.

Another change I made was to use a brad instead of a grommet to make the dumpster swing.  I didn’t have my totally awesome Crop-A-Dile tool yet and the only grommets I had on hand were gigantic.  And a lot of work.  So I figured I’d see if a brad would work instead.  Sure enough it poked right through both layers of felt and the muslin.  Score!


Next I sewed down the truck cab and wheel-cover-things.  Obviously that’s the technical name for them.  When I sewed the wheel-cover-things on I only did the tops and sides–I left the bottoms open so the wheels could tuck under if desired.  I did this because I wanted my wheels to detach, which is the final change I made from my inspiration page.

dump-truck-page-driver I changed my thread out for the last time (hooray!) and sewed the black velcro in the wheel wells and onto the back of the tires.  Then I hand sewed (yuck) a button onto each tire.  I was a bit worried about getting through the velcro, but didn’t have any issues at all.

Ta-da, the finished dump truck!




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