Quiet Book Barn Page Windmill

And now the barn page is ACTUALLY finished! Hallelujah!

I still needed a windmill for my Barn quiet book page.  So after checking every store that I frequent regularly for a small windmill (several Dollar Trees, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and probably some others that I can’t remember), I finally admitted that I just wasn’t going to find one.  Since I already sewed all of the other quiet book pages together and was only waiting for this small touch to be able to start on the cover, I decided to just make my own.  I googled “DIY mini pinwheel” and looked at all of the different material combinations people used and picked the one which I thought would work best for what I needed:  a straw, a sewing pin and some craft paper.

I grabbed a light green plastic straw from my disposable silverware stash; it seemed like the most “farm-y” color.  I cut it in half and threw the bendy half away.  Next, I cut two identical squares out of my endless supply of scrapbooking paper.  They were either 3×3 or 4×4…I can’t remember which now.  See, this is why I’m supposed to be blogging immediately after doing a project–so it’s fresh in my memory.  Damn holidays.  Anyway.  I glued the two pieces of paper together and then snipped each corner about halfway to the center.  I folded each side down and cut a bit more as needed so all 4 corners were overlapping in the center.  I pushed one of my sewing pins through the center, making sure it went through all four corners, and through the back of the straw.  Then I bent the pin enough so I could push it up through the top of the straw again.  Obviously I didn’t want Nolan to prick himself!  And then since I didn’t trust the pin quite enough to stay in place with a 15 month old manhandling it, I also hot glued it to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere.  Like this:

Quiet-Book-Barn-Page-WindmillI made a pocket to hold it.  In retrospect I should have sewn down some straps with velcro instead because the windmill does not stay in.  In fact, it’s sitting in a pile of things Amanda forgot because even though I picked it up and put it back in the Quiet Book at least six times right before they left, it managed to slip out one last time.  So all that hard work was for absolutely nothing!!!  Lesson learned.  I’ll probably remedy the situation by hot gluing a piece of velcro onto the back of the pinwheel, and its mate on the back of the page.  I’m sure that won’t hold up for long since it’s just paper, but it might.  You never know.

Anyway, the pocket.  Just in case you want to make the same mistake I did.  I cut a rectangle out of the same yellow fabric I used for the barn pocket.  I folded all of the edges in to make it straight, ironed them down, sewed across the top to keep it from fraying, then sewed the pocket onto the page.  Finally I slipped the pinwheel into the pocket and cut the straw to the right length.  This was something else I didn’t like–I wanted the straw to be longer, but if so it would then block the sun.  Bad placement.  Oh well.  At least it was finished and I could finally sew the last two pages together and start my cover!  Hooray!!!



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