Cinderella coach pumpkin. Because J doesn’t do anything that doesn’t relate back to princesses.

Right before Halloween I stumbled across this pin on Pinterest and knew instantly that was how J would want to make her pumpkin this year.  Unsurprisingly I was correct.  She was stoked when I showed it to her.  The only thing I regret is that I showed it to her the first week of October and had to listen to her ask me every single day for the next three weeks (sometimes several times a day) “Can we carve our pumpkins today?!”  Needless to say I think I was the most excited when the time finally came to make the darn thing just so I wouldn’t have to listen to her talk about it anymore!

I followed the pin to Let’s Go Fly a Kite‘s blog, which then linked me to the original tutorial on The Fairfield House.  The pumpkin was pretty self-explanatory but I scrolled through really quickly just to make sure there wasn’t anything unexpected.

First we gutted the pumpkin.  Usually J hates anything gross and refuses to help with this part.  To my total surprise she got really into it this year! cinderella-coach-pumpkin-6Hubby cut out a rectangle for the door and two small squares for windows. While at Target a few weeks before I saw small jars of paint for $1 in the Halloween section.  I had J pick a color out for her coach.  She went with red.  cinderella-coach-pumpkin-8cinderella-coach-pumpkin-7While the paint was still wet she sprinkled some confetti glitter all over it.  The child has no idea just how lucky she is that although that stuff drives me insane, I let her use it anyway.  It’s banned in most households!  J’s best friends who come over for play dates quite frequently are in heaven here 😉
cinderella-coach-pumpkin-2The next night, after the paint was dry, we hotglued some red glitter hearts all around the door, followed by curtains from her Barbie Dreamhouse onto the sides.  cinderella-coach-pumpkin-5It rained the next few nights so I left the pumpkin inside so all of the paint wouldn’t wash off.  Since it was just sitting there J got the hankering to add stickers all around it. cinderella-coach-pumpkin-1And then a tiara resting on top (I didn’t attach it at all, just set it right on the stem.  Which C loved because every time we walked past the pumpkin he would swipe the tiara and put it on.  Priceless). cinderella-coach-pumpkin-3I didn’t bother attaching the wheels either.  J picked out four different colored mini pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and I merely leaned them against the pumpkin.  Voila, finished! cinderella-coach-pumpkin-4C also had to get into the pumpkin decorating spirit.  And by that I mean I took off his shirt, put him in his high chair with some paint, a pumpkin and a paint brush.  He spent approximately 15 seconds painting his pumpkin and the rest of the time painting himself.  And eating the paint. IMGP2653 IMGP2664We tried again the next night.  This time I mixed up some homemade paint…the flour/water/food coloring recipe.  It went slightly better–he did not enjoy the taste of the paint so instead he just painted himself and the dog.  Although I do have to give him credit–he did paint the actual pumpkin this time too! IMGP2677 IMGP2673 IMGP2679 IMGP2681Happy Halloween!

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