Beep Beep! Family on the Bus!

This is a project I made almost 3 years ago for J that I just happened to rediscover when packing the car bag for our recent 5 hour drive home.  J absolutely loved this project and since rediscovering it has started playing with it again.  I need to update the photos a bit, but she didn’t seem to mind.  Although she wouldn’t believe me that there was a picture of her in the bag–she kept insisting that it was C!

I’d highly recommend making this if you have kids between the ages of 2 and 5.  It is ridiculously easy and not at all time consuming.  And your kids will get hours of use from it!

So I started with the bus.  I printed off a picture of a bus I found online, glued it onto a leftover box from Amazon and cut it out.  Then I hot glued strips of velcro in each window and one on the bottom for the driver. I think I used the soft side, although I don’t know why it would

Next I went through my giant collection of photographs and picked out one picture of each family member and close friend.  I cut the faces out and then laminated them (I own this laminator and absolutely adore it).  I hot glued small squares of the opposite side of the velcro onto the back of each photograph.  That’s it!  diy-busy-bag-photo-school-bus-1

Like I said, I made this almost 3 years ago and it was played with–a lot.  And as you can see it’s still in relatively good shape!  There are quite a few family members who are missing so before C gets old enough to use it I’ll need to do a little updating.  Love it!!diy-busy-bag-photo-school-bus-3


The Cast of Frozen…in Felt.

I’ve taken quite a long hiatus from crafts/projects due to my first trimester being completely debilitating.  Since I’m fnally starting to feel better I figured I should probably start getting as much stuff done before the baby comes as possible.  So I decided to tackle another project that I knew J was going to love:  more felt people.  She still uses the original ones I made on a daily basis.  A few of the Cinderella characters have gotten lost, but we still have all 13 Disney Princesses, to my complete shock.  Just goes to show how much she loves those things!

As usual, making the characters on my Silhouette was the most tedious part.  After I had all of the patterns cut, it only took 2 nap times to glue everyone together.  I really like the way most of these ones turned out.  All except Sven, hahaha.  He’s…special…

You can find more detailed instructions on how to make them in my original post, but here’s a quick rundown.  I search for each character on Google Images and then recreate it as best I can in my Silhouette program.  Here’s a screenshot of my finished cast.  frozen-felt-silhouette-screenshotThen I take each outfit apart and use the print and cut feature, which allows me to print the template onto my printer and then feed it into the Silhouette to cut all of the pieces out for me.  Then I peel off each piece and hand cut each outfit piece out of the corresponding color of felt.  Then I hot glue the outfits and hair onto my naked felt people, and voila, finished!  Sounds much easier than it actually is, haha.  Well, not that it’s difficult per se…just very time consuming.  Although I was surprised by the short amount of time it took for me to put the entire cast together.  Less than a week of nap times!  I was able to get them finished before our 5 hour drive home for my sister’s wedding, which was a blessing in disguise.  Although about half of them are now missing.  Sigh.  One of these days I’ll learn to not take things into the black-hole that my family home is.

So here they are!


Anna and Elsa. I already had these two from when I made all of the Princesses. Anna’s hair is the wrong color, haha, but I’m going to wait until she gets lost (which is inevitable) before I make a new one.


Olaf, Oaken & Hans


The sleigh, Sven and Kristoff. I told you Sven was interesting looking…


Grand Duke and the two guardsmen


Ice Castle (which I did not use a template for.  I just eyeballed it) & Marshmallow


4 of the trolls. J asked for “just as many as are in the movie” but I nipped that in the bud REAL fast.


Anna & Elsa in their coronation gowns


The cast of Frozen!


More DIY Princess Decor!

While browsing online I found this absolutely adorable Disney princess footprint craft by Keeper of the Cheerios that I knew I had to recreate.  This princess obsession isn’t going away anytime soon and I figured it would be perfect to add to J’s bedroom wall.

Let me start off by saying that I am not artistic.  In the teeniest tiniest way.  As you’ll see for yourself, mine didn’t turn out nearly as well as Keeper of the Cheerios’ did.  J also asked for faces to be painted on and I told her absolutely not–they’d end up looking scary hahaha.  That being said, this was super easy.  Mine may not have turned out really awesome, but I’m still proud of them and think they look nice!  So if I can do it you definitely can!

I picked up a piece of white posterboard from Dollar Tree.  I wasn’t sure yet how I wanted the finished product to look, but I did know that I didn’t want to spend money on canvases.  Plus that would mean more holes in the wall, adding yet another strike against me from Hubby 😉  I already have a ton of acrylic paint so I went through my collection and wrote down any colors that I didn’t have.  Turned out all I needed was a skin tone and some more white.  I saved myself a ton of money by making the different shades of blue and pink and whatever else I needed by just mixing it with white.  Stroke of genius!

This is one of those projects that took me forever to complete.  J and I started it back in April, according to the timestamp on my first photo.  We just finished it up last week.  Whoops.  We made all of the footprints and then the posterboard sat on my craft desk collecting dust.  I just didn’t have any free time to complete it.  The footprints required J’s help, but “dressing” the princesses didn’t.  I had to work on it while C was napping (paint and C go hand-in-hand.  Actually I should say hand-in-mouth.) and either J wanted me to spend time with her or I had stupid chores like cooking and cleaning to accomplish instead.  Eventually I made time for it!

I pulled the original blog post up on my iPad and referred to it for each princess.  I painted J’s foot so it would match each princess, just eyeballing it.  Some of them we messed up and had to do more than once.  Then I handpainted the shoulders/necks/heads.


Three months later when I decided to finally finish the damn thing I added the hair, jewelry and embellishments.  Then I used a bunch of different pinking shears to cut around each princess, leaving a small white outline.  Here’s each princess!





















We didn’t do Mulan or Pocahontas, only because there wasn’t enough room to fit those two on the posterboard.  And since she doesn’t really like either of those two (I think Mulan spent too much time dressed as a boy and Pocahontas’s dress doesn’t cover her feet HAHA) I didn’t bother to pick up another piece just to add them.  At some point I might, especially since J is already talking that she wants to do each of the princes and each villain from the movies.  Oh my.

I hole punched each princess at the top and bottom (although I realized later that some of them I didn’t need to do in both places…oh well).  I had J divide the princesses into 3 piles and pick what order they would be hung up in.  Then I tied some red ribbon in each hole and made 3 strings of princesses.  I stuck 3 command hooks on her bedroom wall, looped the ribbon though and voila!  Easiest/cutest/cheapest princess decor ever!



I’m baaaaaack!

Holy cow I haven’t posted anything in forever.  This has been a crazy summer so far…my sister is getting married (in 12 days!!!!) so I’ve been home for the dress fitting and the bridal shower/bachelorette party.  Then my father turned 50 this year and we threw him a surprise party, so I was home for that.  Plus he has a huge 4th of July work party every year that we haven’t been close enough to go home for in forever, so we made another trek up for that.  And we just got back from a week long vacation in Emerald Isle.

Oh, and I’m pregnant!  That has been the biggest reason why I’ve neglected my blog.  I have had the worst morning all day sickness EVER.  I was a bit sick with my first, a lot more with my second, but this one has been absolutely horrendous.  From 6 weeks to 13 weeks I literally did nothing but lay on my couch as my children destroyed the house.  No housework, barely any cooking, no quality time with the kids, no projects, no nothing.  Just laying around.  I finally went to the doc around week 9 to get the magic nausea pill, and that helped…for 3 days.  Ugh.  I know it could’ve been worse…but it certainly didn’t feel like it at the time!  But I am now officially in the second trimester and feeling GOOD!  No more Hot Pockets, frozen pizzas and chicken nuggets for me; bring on the real food!

But anyway.  I realized it’s been waaaaay too long since I’ve updated anything and figured I should probably get on it.

When we moved into our Ottawa home we were faced with something we hadn’t experienced before:  100% hardwood floors.  Not a carpet to be seen–minus in the dining room.  Really?!  The dining room?  We quickly realized how expensive area rugs are and found a much cheaper solution:  painting a white rug.  I did some research on Pinterest (where else?) and pinned this post from Tatertots and Jello (a DIY home decorating blog that I adore, even if I never actually make any of their stuff, haha!).  I also found this post that recommended using a fabric medium to mix with the paint when painting rugs.  I ran out before I finished both rugs and I can tell the spots where I didn’t have enough left.  Those spots a lot more rough…it almost hurts when rubbing bare limbs on it.  I picked some up from Michaels with their 40% off coupon.

Next I found the design.  Both my husband and I loved this one so I decided to recreate it.

Step one:  the rug.  I picked up two white area rugs from Big Lots for $20/each.  I want to say it was this one…but this was 3 years ago so you’ll have to forgive my memory.

Step two:  the paint.  I headed to Lowes and went to my favorite section:  the paint samples!  I know I say it all of the time, but seriously, Lowes paint samples are the best.  Any color for less than $5!  I got brown, light blue, yellow, green and grey.  I also picked up a roll of green Frog Tape and a small paint roller and tray.

Step three:  marking the design.  This was the hardest part.  I opened the inspiration picture on my laptop and then sat on the floor with the rug, the picture and the painters tape and eyeballed it.  It took me hours to get the tape just right.  After I taped out the design I taped the entire outer edge of the rug as well.

Step four:  mixing the paint with the fabric medium.  Instructions are on the bottle, so pretty self-explanatory 😉

Step five:  painting!  I used a foam roller and did one color at a time.  I can’t remember for sure, but I think I only needed to do one coat.

Step six:  peeling all of that mother f—– tape off.  The second longest (and most tedious) part.

Step seven:  sit back and enjoy!  I can’t tell you how many compliments I received on this rug.  The design was so unique.  And people almost died of shock when I told them I painted it myself!  Totally worth all of the time and effort.  Not to mention the insane amount of money we saved by going this only sucky thing is the fact that we had two dogs and a toddler in the house.  By the time our two years were up we didn’t even hesitate–this rug went straight into the garbage.  It was absolutely filthy.  No amount of rug scrubbing would get it the pristine clean in the photo above.  I almost cried.

I also painted a rainbow rug for J’s room (I had a rainbow decor for her room in that house).  Fortunately this one made it through just fine…probably because it was in her room, where we barely ever played.  And never with anything messy.  It’s currently in our playroom downstairs and I don’t think it’s going to make it through a second move…diy-painted-rainbow-rug